Wrinkle Reduction

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Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated effectively by promoting rapid elastin and collagen growth with the Opus. Significant results are seen after one treatment. Wrinkles are apart of the natural aging process and are most prominent on sun-exposed skin, such as the face, neck, hands, and forearms. Although genetics mainly determine skin structure and texture, sun exposure is the most popular cause of wrinkles, especially for people with lighter skin tones. There are many other contributing factors to cause wrinkling such as pollutants, smoking, etc.

Causes of wrinkles

Wrinkles are caused by a combination of factors that can and cannot be controlled. Here is a list of causes to take note:


As you age, the skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. The skin produces fewer natural oils which dries the skin causing it to wrinkle.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays

UV light is known to speed the aging process and is the primary cause of wrinkling. The UV light breaks down the skin connective tissue which are the collagen and elastin responsible to keep the skin firmly intact.


Smoking is known to accelerate the normal aging process of your skin which can also contribute to wrinkling. It is a known fact smoking directly affects the collagen.

Facial expressions

Facial movements and expressions when we squint, or smile can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. This happens because each time a facial expression is made, the muscles within our face stretches the skin causing a loss of flexibility. As we age, the flexibility in the skin is unable to firm back in place.

How We Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If your wrinkles affect your confidence, in today’s world you have more options than ever to help smooth them or make them less visible. Medications, fillers, and surgery are options for effective wrinkle treatments. However, we at Amethyst Aesthetics use the Opus Plasma; The only fractional laser of its kind on the market that penetrates the skin to effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles by promoting rapid elastin and collagen growth.  No needles, and no surgery required. You will be sure to see significant results after one treatment and up to 50% less downtime compared to other skin resurfacing techniques on the market.


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