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Introducing Opus Plasma: The First Fractional Microplasma Laser technology of Its Kind

The OPUS plasma is the most exciting advancement in the cosmetic aesthetics industry today. It is the modern and non-invasive way to resurface and rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime. Results are immediate and you see a noticeable difference after just ONE treatment. The OPUS plasma features RF high-frequency technology to provide skin resurfacing with unparalleled precision unlike any other device on the market. Give your skin a youthful glow again!

What Can The Opus Plasma Do For You?

The Opus Plasma can treat a number of skincare concerns including but not limited to texture, aging and laxity. Positive results are seen after the first treatment. Optimal results may require 2-3 treatments. Treatments are very well tolerated and do not interfere with daily activities as downtime is minimal.

The following skin concerns can be addressed with the OPUS:

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